May 30, 2024

Civil Defense Director

David Lewis – Emergency Manager

Location: 200 N Commercial Street, PO BOX 294

Clark, SD 57225

Phone number: 605 532 6921

Cell phone no: 605 532 1236

email address: [email protected]


Clark County Pre-disaster Mitigation Plan Meeting

As Clark County continues the process of updating the Clark County Pre-disaster Mitigation Plan, the Clark County Pre-disaster Mitigation Planning Team will meet at noon on Wednesday, June 5th, 2024 in the basement of the Clark County Courthouse – 200 N Commercial St, Clark, SD.

This plan identifies potential natural disasters, their impact, and possible projects to mitigate the impact of said disasters. The County is required by the Federal Emergency Management Agency to update this plan every five years.

The public is welcome to attend and participate in the discussion. Questions or comments may be directed to Clark County Emergency Management Director, David Lewis at (605) 532-6921.






Pre-disaster Mitigation Notice – survey


Clark County Survey Notice 012924